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Prioritize the accounts most likely to buy

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Accelerate growth by prioritizing your best prospects and accounts

With account-based marketing, you can 定制您的消息 to address an account’s specific pain points. The more specific your outreach, the more it will resonate.

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Prospects with highest propensity to buy
identify best fit prospects

Target The Right Accounts

Account based sales and marketing initiatives are only as good as the accounts they are targeted towards. Quickly identify which of your prospects have the best fit and highest revenue potential.

avoid wasting valuable resources

Prioritize Based On Spend Potential

Launch ABM campaigns centered around the accounts that have the highest propensity to buy and greatest revenue potential for your company. Avoid wasting valuable marketing and sales resources on accounts without adequate budgets or incompatible technology stacks.

HG Insights Solutions ABM Scoring
engage prospects with confidence

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Build sales and marketing alignment by developing scoring and targeting based on the technologies a company is currently using and how much they are spending in your area of business. Enable messaging consistency through a shared understanding of why targets were selected and the best approach to engage with them.

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